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Handkerchiefs, Lace

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An Alencon Beauty

Known throughout history as "The Queen's Lace" this Alencon style lace handkerchief is made in Switzerland on soft cotton.  Measures approx 12" square. It is a net type lace with embroidery, sometimes called "Reembroidered Lace".  A classic for any occasion.

Style No. 1811 

$60.00 ea

Famous Lace

Style 1736

$150.00 ea

Elaborate Swiss Lace

The most elaborate and unique of all our Swiss Laces.  Both Guipure and Alencon lace combined along with little raised pockets creating a 3-D effect

Style 1890

$525.00 ea


Swiss Lace

An exquisite heirloom quality lace handkerchief made in Switzerland with a linen center. One of our finest ladies handkerchiefs. Measure approx. 12" square.

Style 1916

$300.00 ea

Guipure Lace

All Cotton Guipure Lace made in Germany. Measure 11" square approx.

Style 1755

$37.50 ea

Crocheted Lace with Cotton Center

All cotton handkerchief with hand crocheted lace trim.  Measure 12" square approx.

Style 70/533

$15.00 ea

Four Corner Daises

A Swiss Classic.  This four corner Daisy pattern is a perennial favorite. Made in Switzerland of soft white cotton in the Guipure style. Measures 12 inchsquare approx.

Style no. 130/2, $90.00 ea.

One of the Finest

An Exquisite example of Guipure lace.  This ancient technique of lace making is getting more and more difficult to produce in Switzerland. A soft Pure Linen center only adds to this classic. Measure 11-1/2 inches square approx.

Style No. 1711, $180.00 ea.

Four Corner Flowers Lace

A Fine Quality Swiss Guipure lace. These are getting harder to find as time goes on.  This example is a Soft Cotton Center, Made in Switzerland with soft cotton lace.  Measure Approx 11 inches square. 

Style No. 1724W  $90.00 ea.

Alencon Lace

All cotton made in Switzerland.

Style 1805

$45.00 ea

Black Swiss Lace

Black Swiss Lace,  These are getting hard to find,  Call Quick as I just had some made,  Linen Cotton Blend, 13" square. Perfect for an Evening out !

Style 1851/03  $180.00 ea.

Guipure Lace

All cotton Guipure Lace. A very lovely addition to any ladies purse.

Style 1752

$30.00 ea

Guipure Lace

All cotton guipure lace.

Style 1751

$30.00 ea


French lace with linen center.

Style 1763

$75.00 ea

Wide Alencon Lace in Black

Black cotton Swiss lace.

Style 1721

$30.00 ea

Ecru on White

Ecru lace. Vintage pattern.

Style 1761


Unusual Swiss Lace

A Beautiful example of Swiss Guipure lace. These fine laces are rapidly becoming a lost art.  this one has soft linen center, all white, measure 12" square.

Style 1817

$180.00 ea

Crochet Lace

Ladies all cotton with crochet lace. The perfect handkerchief for making the famous baby bonnets.

Style 70/530

$15.00 ea

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings and Lace. This handkerchief has been in our line since our early beginnings. It has a cotton and linen center and cotton crocheted lace. The embroidered wedding rings make it a perfect bride's handkerchief.

Style 02071W

$60.00 ea

Wedding Bells

Lilly of the Valley and Wedding Bells embroidery with little "something blue" embroidery. All cotton lace made in Switzerland.

Style 182/15

$30.00 ea

Irish Linen Lace with Bells

Irish linen handkerchief with classic bell lace. A nice gift for the bride or for the whole wedding party.

Style 70/620

$45.00 ea

Swiss Lace

All cotton bell and lily of the valley lace. One of our finest Swiss Laces made with a wedding theme.

Style 180/14

$150.00 ea

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